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7 Ace Logistics was formed with the guiding principle of serving our clients with an understanding of their individual needs

We believe in full transparency and have put into place state of the art technology to provide that. Our customer portal allows you to log in 24 hours a day to see all of your loads and obtain detailed information. We have tracking software that provides real time updates which you can also view in your portal and you can choose email updates as well with a specified frequency.

We understand the importance of the timely and safe arrival or your freight. Our team has experience with full truckload and expedited shipments and we use a carefully vetted group of carriers appropriate for your particular needs. Their credentials are monitored daily.

Many of our loads are of high value. We are fully insured and we offer additional 1st party shipper’s all risk insurance.

Cost is another area that we realize is critically important. We create custom solutions for you whether your needs are for FTL, LTL or refrigerated cargo. We can also incorporate intermodal options, which can help control costs and expand your network.

As a full-service freight brokerage company, our expertise extends to drayage needs and facilitating cross border shipping and handling customs.

It all comes down to customer service, great communication and attention to detail.

Pair that with technology and you have 7 Ace.

7 Ace Logistics : Trucking Broker In Florida